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Technical Safety Engineer



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    My day-to-day role includes using software to model the probability and consequence of fire and explosion caused by loss of containment.

    I also write and contribute to safety workshops that involve evaluating and making safety recommendations for designs with a team of engineers.

    My background is in the field of chemical engineering and I regularly write engineering reports and use engineering software.

  • Did you know? »
    • The job involves working with all types of engineers in the company. This is great way to get a wide understanding of the different types of engineering disciplines whilst solving safety problems.
    • Being a safety engineer is very varied. Projects are mostly office based, but engineers can be expected to work on construction sites or operating plants.

  • Routes »
    • A-Levels
    • University degree in engineering, mathematics or physics
  • Entry Requirements »
    • Study maths, chemistry and/or physics
    • Gain a degree in Engineering, Mathematics or Physics

  • Skills and Knowledge »
    • Understanding of engineering principles and mathematics
    • Project management skills
    • Verbal and written communication skills
    • Ability to work well in a team with others
    • Strong IT skills
    • Analytical and methodical approach with good attention to detail
    • Creativity and innovation

  • 10 reasons why »
    1. Ability to use knowledge in STEM subjects daily
    2. Opportunity to travel around the world following projects
    3. Positively impact the safety of my colleagues and society
    4. Work in teams with other engineers
    5. Ability to combine working in the office with being active on sites
    6. Opportunities to work in different industries and roles
    7. Working with diverse people around the world
    8. Opportunity to be creative and problem solve everyday
    9. A good reward structure
    10. It is a future proof career as there will always be safety challenges to solve

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    • Environmental engineer
    • Process engineer
    • Quality engineer

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