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The Great Science Share for Schools

Tuesday 16 June 2020 | 8am-8pm

In School Event

Cost: FREE

SE England

The Great Science Share for Schools is an annual campaign to inspire young people to share their scientific questions with new audiences.

The Great Science Share for Schools is about children communicating a scientific investigation based on a question they are interested in. If you’re a teacher, school, parent or STEM educator or business looking to enhance young people’s experience of science and their Science Capital, you can get involved in this years campaign.

The Great Science Share for Schools is founded on the values of supporting:

  • child-led communication to new audiences
  • inclusivity and non-competitiveness
  • promoting collaboration

Want to take part in the Great Science Share for Schools 2020?

Step 1: Register on this Eventbrite

Step 2: Download campaign resources

Step 3: Save the date so you can be part of the campaign day of 16th June 2020

Step 4: Talk to your pupils about the questions that interest them to investigate and share this with us (we are always on hand to provide advice or support)

Step 5: Invite someone else to join you in your planning - GSSfS is a collaborative campaign and works best when you share the experience with others.