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Suspension Bridge Project Competition

Suspension Bridge Project Competition

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You will Need (suitable materials include):

  • String, garden twine, cotton, wool, shoe laces.Wire is not permitted.
  • Glue, tape. Superglue is not permitted.
  • Buttons; bottle tops
  • Cardboard (shoe boxes, cereal boxes, boxes from flat pack furniture, centres of toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, backs of stationery pads, greetings cards,egg boxes…)
  • Paper
  • Dry pasta (spaghetti)
  • Unopened Bags of sugar; unopened tins(baked beans, tinned tomatoes, etc) Hint: for anchorages/counterweights

Health and Safety:

  • Only use scissors to do any cutting in a safe manner.
  • Take care when using scissors as they are sharp.
  • Do not run with scissors and safely hand them over.

Recycling and Sustainability:

  • Sustainability is an important aspect to design.
  • Watch the video to get thinking with sustainability in mind.

To increase the sustainability of your bridge design:

  • Use few simple materials (mixed materials such as in juice cartons are tricky to recover when recycled)
  • Choose materials that can either be composted (so no harmful chemicals) or that can be reused to make something else. Think about materials that can be used several times for different things before being returned to the soil (e.g. trees to furniture to chipboard to paper to soil).
  • If you consider painting your materials, this may reduce the possibility to recycle the material or compost it.
  • After completing your design try to reuse your materials and if this is not possible consider recycling them before throwing them away.


  • The model should achieve its function efficiently. In other words, the model should be capable of supporting a single can of baked beans, not 2 cans or 3, as this is over-design and wasteful of materials, that could be used for another project.
  • The model should optimise the potential re-use of materials to maximise sustainability.
  • The model should minimise the quantity of materials.
  • The model should have architectural appeal. Basically,look good?

The team of engineers at EniProgetti would like to hold a competition! Send your entries to to be sent to the team and wait to find out if you are a winner, and you may receive a prize!

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