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Drifting Dandelions

Drifting Dandelions

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Help Class 6 to find out how dandelions spread their seeds and how they might help dandelions to come back to their school.

Health and Safety: Do not pick wildflowers and always wash your hands after touching things outside.

You will Need:

  • some dandelions - you can find these in your garden or on a walk.
  • a magnifying glass, or zoomed in camera on a phone or iPad.

What to Do:

1. Look closely at dandelions:

  • Where are the seeds?
  • What are they attached to?
  • People sometimes call them parachutes. Why do you think that is?
  • How far do you think the seeds from one flower can spread?
  • How will you find out?

2. Explore and find if there are any dandelions growing nearby.

  • Do they grow everywhere?
  • How do seeds help them to spread?
  • How do the seeds travel from one place to another?
  • How far do they go?
  • How will you record where they travel?
  • You could try blowing at a dandelion head or holding it in the wind.

Task Ideas:

  • You could share photographs of dandelion investigations.
  • Can you make a big model of a dandelion seed?
  • Write a letter to Class 6 explaining how dandelions might come back.

We would love to see your photographs, models or letters about dandelions! Send us an email to or tag us on Twitter @STEMHUB_SE

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