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Journey Stick

Journey Stick

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Health and Safety: Only collect things when you are supervised by an adult and you are sure that the object is safe to touch. Always wash your hands after touching things outside.

You will Need:

  • A stick
  • Some string to tie your collected materials to the stick

What to Do:

  1. Go on an adventure! Take your stick on a walk and collect some natural materials and tie them to your journey stick.
  2. Think about how others can guess where you have been. For example, if you passed an old oak tree, you might want to collect a leaf or an acorn.
  3. Get creative! Find some objects you have at home to represent things you have seen on your journey, but you can’t pick up and tie to a stick!
  • If you saw a robin, you might tie some red wool on your stick.
  • How could you show it was sunny when you started your journey?

Test your Journey Stick!

  • Share your journey stick with someone else. Can they tell where you’ve been? Could they guess some of the things you have seen?
  • Use your journey stick to write a diary entry, outlining where you have been and what you saw.
  • Draw a labelled diagram of your journey stick - label each item on your stick, explaining what it is and why you chose to add it.

Share your journey stick with us! Send a photo of your journey stick to and a STEM Ambassador expert can guess where you have been and what you have seen! Or, tag us on Twitter @STEMHUB_SE

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