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Racing Rockets

Racing Rockets

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Kit list:

• Pencils or dowel to roll the rockets

• Strips of paper or card (cut to 1/4 of an A4 sheet)

• Sellotape

• Scissors

• Plastic straws – 1 per child

• Metre ruler or tape measure

• Plasticine, Blu-Tack or paperclips to add weight

• Extra card to make fins


1. With your child, explore making and flying the basic tube shape.

2. Once they have the basic shape working, experiment to find out what makes a difference to how the rocket flies. Maybe make several versions to compare them.

3. Present and test your rockets.

4. Measure the distance that each rocket travels. Test them three times each. Perhaps repair or adjust your rockets after each test.

5. Give points to each rocket according to the distance travelled. You can give extra points for design.

6. Announce the winner of the competition.

7. Discuss and decide what made a difference to how each rocket flew.

8. Create a design report.

Things to think about

The rockets will not work very well unless one end is flattened, folded and sealed. Explore this idea when building.

Be sure to agree on where to launch their rockets from and how the flight will be measured.

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