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Under Your Feet

Under Your Feet

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A children’s author is writing a book about children who become ant-sized! Can you help her imagine what life would be like?

  1. Cut a big foot shape out of a piece of card. Keep the cut out foot and the hole that’s left.
  2. Place the cut out hole on a patch of ground and look carefully at what you find there. Then record what you see by drawing on the cut out foot.
  3. Include all the plants and animals and anything else you see such as rocks, twigs and spiders’ webs.
  4. You can place the cut out hole in another place such as a field, a tree trunk or bare soil and record the results on the back of the cut out foot.

Now that you have imagined life in a miniature world, write a story! Or, you could write a letter to the author, reporting about what you found.

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