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Don Clark

Analytical Chemist, Pfizer

Don Clark, a STEM Ambassador dedicates 175 minutes to Chemistry as part of the Royal Society of Chemistry celebrating its 175th anniversary.

Don works at Pfizer at Kent’s Discovery Park, and also volunteers for several different educational based initiatives and has launched a number of programmes himself.

He speaks about three aspects of his motivation, “The first is almost a feeling of social responsibility”. Secondly, he talks about future benefit – as a chemist working in the pharmaceutical industry, Don is familiar with the lengthy process of developing a viable medicine and believes attracting the brightest minds is crucial to success.

“Thirdly, It’s actually quite fun! I get real pleasure in seeing students go through that light bulb moment.

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"When I was at school and during my degree, there were lots of scientists who went the extra mile and that influenced me in wanting to do analytical chemistry. I’d like to give something back."