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Ambassadors are a brilliant resource for schools, but sometimes teachers find it hard to build them into their curriculum planning. Ambassadors also wonder whether they will have the skills that schools and teachers need.

To help both teachers and ambassadors bridge this gap and feel confident about working together, we have produced 6 simple guides on how ambassadors might be used in school. They set out what the teacher will need to do; they clearly show ambassadors the expectations of the event together with timings and what they might need to prepare.

The 6 activities range from "Careers Workshops" and "Hands-on Fun Practicals" to discussions regarding the stereotyping that surrounds working in STEM careers and subjects.

Each guide has been designed along a simple format and should be easy to use by both teachers and STEM Ambassadors. All the activities have been tried and successfully implemented. In addition current induction training for ambassadors focuses, in part, on "an ambassador in action".

Contact us if you would like information to help you build these activities into your curriculum or STEM clubs.