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Animal Survival Challenge

 June 07 2021 | Gallery | Views: 1202

Originally launched in 2020 for STEM@Home and since used in our Virtual Events such as STEMFest and most recently in the Jamboree, the Survival Challenge involves creating a mammal or reptile with adaptations to survive. The aim of the game is to see how adaptations you are going to make will enable your animal to survive…or not!

Once you have created your animal, the challenge video describes survival scenes, and your creature earns or loses points depending on the adaptations you choose. You must choose five adaptations from a list and think about a habitat with a variety of plants and other animals. Think about how your animal will get food, as well as stay safe from predators!

Will you choose a Morganucodontids (an early mammal) or a Hylonomus (an early reptile)? Draw and label your creature with its adaptations and find out in the video whether it will survive and thrive.

Entries so far have all been survivors! With adaptations like camouflage and strong climbing legs, our entries can hide from predators. To hunt for food, our entries have features such as a long tongue, sharp teeth and strong limbs.

You can still take part in this challenge through the Dinosaur section on STEM@Home, and send your entries to

Check out the images to see our fantastic entries, listed below:

Image 1: Ada created an early mammal with adaptations to survive and earned 130 points.
Image 2: Aine (aged 8) designed a flying lizard with adaptations to make it fast and strong to earn 100 points.
Image 3: Ashley’s creature has spikes and camouflage to avoid predators and survive to earn 125 points.
Image 4: Charlotte earned 160 points by creating a beautiful mammal with adaptations suited to the Arctic.
Image 5: Conor (aged 10) formed an animal to hide and seek with camouflage and 360 vision, earning 220 points.
Image 6: Vinnie’s (aged 7) reptile gained 70 points with a long tongue to catch its prey.


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