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Egg Challenge

 July 10 2020 | Gallery | Views: 684

As part of the Crawley STEM Fest, the Engineering team at Canterbury Christ Church University set a challenge. Can you create a structure that will protect a falling egg and prevent it from breaking when it reaches the ground? From what height can you drop your egg, without it breaking?

Entries had to think like engineers, develop their problem-solving skills and make observations while creating their structure.

Students from the Oaks Primary School sent in their fantastic experiment results, where you can see how they used their engineering skills to invent and investigate! They even reused and recycled materials to make sustainable and environmentally friendly structures.

The images below show the creative egg protectors, listed below:

Image 1: A team of pupils created a Lego set as a car for their egg!
Image 2: These pupils created layers to protect their egg inside its egg box.
Image 3: This student reused and recycled some card packaging to prevent the egg from falling.
Image 4: This great experiment shows how gravity will make an egg fall and salt water will make the egg float.


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