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Mars Poetry and Creative Writing

 March 05 2021 | Gallery | Views: 765

In response to our Mars Poster Competition, pupils in Year 5 at Chevening Primary School used their reading and writing skills to create poetry and creative writing pieces about landing on Mars. Their teacher sent us their fantastic work, with impressive poems of different styles and writing full of suspense!

Download the pdf to read the fantastic writing pieces, listed below:

Entry 1: February 18th, 2021: A Cold Planet Leads to a Cold War, by Leo. Robots from different Earth teams are living on Mars to undertake research, will they get along?
Entry 2: Landed! by Sophie. This poem describes the fear and anticipation of a Mars explorer who has landed on the surface.
Entry 3: Perseverance Thinks, by Ruby. This poem describes the Rover Landing on the surface of Mars, which is now its second home.
Entry 4: Mars – Red Like Fire and Haiku Poem, by Leo. Two different styles of poetry, depicting a Mars explorer’s fight against fire and attempt to call Earth.
Entry 5: Tweet from Perfect Perseverance - 18.02.21 - 3.35 pm, by George. This poem is from the point of view of the Mars Perseverance Rover, making its first voyage to reach Mars.
Entry 6: The Journey to Mars, by Molly T. This poem describes the space journey from Earth to Mars from the point of view of the rocket.
Entry 7: The Lady, by Molly B. A poem describing the announcement of the landing of the Perseverance Rover.


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