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National Careers Week 2024 hailed huge success and continues with On Demand content

 March 13 2024 | Online | Views: 273

The STEM Hub celebrated National Careers Week 2024, 4th to 9th March, with an extensive programme of live talks and pre-recorded content delivered by STEM Ambassadors from across the South East. The event aimed to provide valuable career guidance and insights to secondary students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.

The event witnessed remarkable engagement, with approximately 11,650 secondary students participating in six live talks throughout the week. This level of participation reflects the growing interest and importance of STEM careers among students.

STEM Ambassadors from various sectors, including finance, defence and space, healthcare, science, and technology, shared their personal experiences and career insights. Speakers held positions such as Data Management Lead, Earth Observation Mechanical & Thermal Architect, Customer Engineer, and Pathology Network Education Trainer, offering students a broad perspective on potential career pathways within STEM.

The live talks, conducted on Microsoft Teams Live, allowed for interactive question and answer sessions following each presentation. Students had the opportunity to engage directly with speakers, gaining real-world insights into working within specific industries and understanding entry requirements and relevant work experiences.

National Careers Week 2024 was a resounding success, demonstrating the effectiveness of collaborative efforts to provide students with valuable career guidance and inspiration. The engagement and enthusiasm displayed by participants underscore the importance of continuing initiatives that promote STEM education and career awareness.

The STEM Hub remains committed to facilitating opportunities for students to explore and pursue careers in STEM fields, fostering innovation, creativity, and talent development within the community.

For those unable to participate during National Careers Week, all live and pre-recorded talks are available on demand on our NCW 2024 page

We take this opportunity to thank our speakers and participants who contributed to the success of National Careers Week 2024.

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