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Future Me

 27 Jul 2020 | views: 1472 |

The Future Me publication is designed to inspire the next generation about STEM careers. Future Me aims to inform students of the variety of STEM careers available, showing them the different types of people working in these careers and perhaps inspiring students to learn about careers they did not know existed. The Future Me format provides access to role models that students can relate to, who share what they wanted to be when they were 10 and what they do now.

STEM Ambassadors were sent a list of questions that inlcuded:

  • What was your dream job when you were 10?
  • What do you do now?
  • How is your job linked to STEM?
  • What is your favourite part/challenge of your job?
  • A fun fact about yourself?

The response from STEM Ambassadors was overwhelming, with more than 500 taking part, of these 100 were chosen for the first publication, which was tested in primary schools in the Kent and Medway area. Future Me was very well received, with children choosing to read it on a casual basis in their reading corners, and teachers using it as a reading text during English group reading sessions.

Interest from STEM Ambassadors continued after this first edition was released. An online form was set up on the STEM Hub website to allow STEM Ambassadors to complete their contributions. All responses are continuing to be collated.

A second edition of Future Me was launched to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day in June 2020. This edition featured female STEM Ambassadors who work in the Engineering industry, including a selection from the first edition as well as new profiles that have been contributed since. The Women in Engineering edition provides role models to students, insight into different engineering careers, and is suited to older secondary pupils. Link here to this edition

In the autumn term a new version of Future me will be launched considering the feedback and changes suggested by the teachers and students. If you would like to contribute to this feedback or provide a profile, please contact us.