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James Webb Space Telescope Family Show 18th December at 11am

James Webb Space Telescope Family Show 18th December at 11am

 17 Dec 2021 | views: 377 | Virtual Events

The James Webb Space Telescope’s planned launched into space is on the 24th December, from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, onboard an Ariane 5 rocket. Once in orbit it will replace the Hubble Telescope in taking pictures of space. According to ESA the European Space Agency, it is designed to answer outstanding questions about the universe and to make breakthrough discoveries in all fields of astronomy.

The project is a joint initiative of NASA, ESA and CSA space agencies, with people across the UK playing a key role in designing, building and testing parts of the Webb along with being some of the first to make scientific discoveries and observations.

Join TV’s science presenter Greg Foot and special guests for a live mission briefing family show, on 18th December starting at 11am. There will be the opportunity to put your questions to the special guests, all about the telescope and space. This live show will be broadcast on YouTube and can be accessed using the following link.

ESERO has also produced James Webb Space Telescope resources suitable for Primary and Secondary aged children available here.