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Join the Schools Vs Climate Change Competition

Join the Schools Vs Climate Change Competition

 14 Jan 2022 | views: 390 | Competitions

Take part in the Schools vs Climate Change competition and increase your school communities green credentials. The competition opened on Monday the 10th January and runs until Sunday February 20th February 2022. There’s still time to sign up as a school or individual at 

Anybody within the school community can take part such as students, teachers and parents, competing to gain as many green goals as possible. These can be achieved through over 100 activities completed by individuals, during class or at home. These include ‘Youth Voice’ encouraging pupils to have their say on climate action, ‘Meat Free Meals’ and ‘Leg Power’. Further information can be found at 

To maximise the number of green goals, schools can encourage parents and families to take part as individual players, with their goals contributing to the school’s tally. School activities with multiple students taking part at the same time can apply for multiple goals via the Class Activity Name activities carousel.

Prizes available include the SvCC Champion, receiving £500 and a Schools vs Climate Change Plate. The SvCC Impactful School Award goes to the school that has made the biggest impact on the planet. Other prizes include a £50 voucher for the individual who has made the most impact, called the SvCC Green Boot and weekly prizes of signed books about football/sustainability to schools demonstrating SvCC progress via social media.