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National Careers Week 2023 | 6th-11th March

National Careers Week 2023 | 6th-11th March

 14 Feb 2023 | views: 2603 | Event

National Careers Week is a fantastic week-long celebration of careers guidance in education across the UK. It aims to empower young people to make informed choices about their next steps by highlighting careers advice and information possible. To celebrate the week and the opportunities available to young people, we will be hosting an array of diverse live and pre-recorded careers talks delivered by STEM Ambassadors from a diverse range of STEM industry sectors.

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Live Talks

Monday 6th March | 8.40am to 9.10am

Careers in Conservation
Delve into the world of careers in conservation with the Marine Conservation Society.  Hear from Katie who will talk about her unusual route into the conservation world, how she gained experience working with some of the most endangered species on the planet, and the variety of interesting and rewarding roles available within the organisation.


Note: There is a primary version of this event also. Find out more »

Tuesday 7th March | 8.40am to 9.10am

A Career within Science and Engineering - Age is just a number when it comes to studying!
Hear from STEM Ambassador Darren, an Electronic Engineering Apprentice, who waited 13 years to make his career decision. Darren will explain about his journey in taking a different route into further education. He will talk about the benefits he has gained in a variety of real-world experiences he brought to his apprenticeship at the Science and Technology Facilities Council, and furthermore how he is looking forward to this bright new future!


Wednesday 8th March | 8.40am to 9.10am

Career Paths within the Automotive/Motorsport Industry
STEM Ambassador Lewis, an Associate Computer Aided Engineer (CAE) at McLaren Applied, will explain how you can enter the thrilling automotive/motorsport industry – and get involved with Formula 1 teams. He will provide an overview of the numerous rewards of working in the field, as well as explaining about his personal journey into this exhilarating industry, and the various career routes that you can take.


Thursday 9th March | 8.40am to 9.10am

Apprenticeships and Routes to a Career in Construction
Hear from STEM Ambassador Megan, Project Assistant (Consultancy) at Mace about her career path into the construction industry via an apprenticeship route. Hear advice on what you should include in the application process and what qualities and qualifications you will need to do a job like hers! She will also give you an insight into other construction career routes available at her organisation such as Under Graduate Programmes and Graduate Development Programmes and how you can apply.


Friday 10th March | 8.40am to 9.10am

Discover a Career in Fusion Energy
The team at Tokamak Energy will explain about careers within a rapidly growing commercial fusion energy industry which aims to demonstrate grid-ready, clean, safe and limitless power for the early 2030s. You will hear how they are recreating the power of the sun and stars to generate clean energy for homes and businesses and support the global journey towards net zero. The team will explain about the career paths they have taken, as well as what their day-to-day work is like in Quality and Project Management.


Friday 10th March | 1pm to 2pm

Being the Best Version of You - A Guide to Putting Your Best Foot Forward
A motivational careers talk from STEM Ambassador Joe, encouraging and empowering young people to have aspirations and dreams for their future career. Includes guidance on producing a plan of action for the steps needed to achieve their goal.


To book your place on these talks, please visit our events page. In addition, we will have a variety of pre-recorded videos available throughout the week by STEM Ambassadors in a range of STEM fields. Visit our STEM InSIGHT section to watch them and you can also watch our career talk videos!