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National Careers Week Live Talks

National Careers Week Live Talks

 01 Mar 2021 | views: 947 | Virtual Events

National Careers Week is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK. The aim is to provide a focus for careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support young people leaving education. We have an exciting week planned for students, with live talks from a variety of speakers.

Live sessions will take place on Microsoft Teams Live, which complies with safeguarding policies (attendees will not have access to webcams or microphones and the chat function will be moderated). Students can use their own email and book their place independently.


Monday 1st March | 1-2pm

My Skills. My Future
The world of work is fast-changing. There are many new employment opportunities open to you. How do you market yourself to future employers? My Skills. My Future is an interactive workshop, facilitated by Munya from The Education People and Nicola from Holiday Extras, working with you in developing your essential skills as you explore job opportunities open to you in the future.


Tuesday 2nd March | 1.15-1.45pm

Going it Alone, and Launching Your Own Business
Going it alone and launching your own business, becoming self-employed. David will be sharing his journey after leaving school and starting his first business at 17 years old. David is a highly accomplished, multi award-winning company director, entrepreneur, executive business advisor, technology expert & keynote speaker. He is passionate about helping others succeed and driving businesses forward to achieve their full potential. Starting his entrepreneurial journey back in 1995 at the tender age of seventeen, David Co-founded APC Solutions – now recognised as a leading provider of wireless communications solutions. Twenty-years on it’s now a multimillion-pound company delivering projects in the UK, Europe, South Africa, North America and the Middle East.You’ll have lots of fun and laughter working with David. He’s warm-hearted and gets a real buzz out of seeing others succeed.


Wednesday 3rd March | 1.15-1.45pm

A Career in the Royal Engineers
In the Army, your engineering career could take you anywhere, from chartered engineering and logistics to bricklaying and bomb disposal, The Royal Engineers has 19 different apprenticeship and careers paths to choose from. Find out more about the day-to-day life of a Royal Engineer and the career prospects available to you.


Thursday 4th March | 1-1.45pm

Being the best version of you - A guide to putting your best foot forward
Meet Joe, who will talk about how to stand out and get the career that you desire!

  1. My career path in Tech and Education
  2. How to make yourself stand out (e.g. Upskilling yourself, volunteering etc)
  3. “Visualise it, See it” mentality - How to choose your A levels for your career and how to research this - there will also be the opportunity to create a vision board!


Friday 5th March | 1-2pm

Applying to University? Behind the scences: admissions & personal statements
We are delighted to be able to provide this session all about university, with speakers Emma and Maxine, who work at universities.

Emma will talk for the first 20 minutes, with 10 minutes after for questions. Her talk will include:
Behind the scenes – what happens to your UCAS application once you submit it?
A brief introduction into how the University admissions process works once you submit your application. How do Universities look at your application, including how we look at grades and personal statements to help us decide whether to make an offer. We will talk about the timescales involved and what is happening during that time. Finally what catches the eye of a University admissions officer in a personal statement and what might you consider when deciding upon your firm and insurance choice.

Maxine will speak for the last 20 minutes, with 10 minutes at the end to answer questions. Her talk will include:
Applying to University?

What do you need to know about personal statements?
A key part of the university application process is writing a personal statement, and this session will help you understand what the university admissions team will be looking for, and help you think about what to include, and how to write your personal statement.
Writing the personal statement is also the opportunity for you to clarify your thoughts as to why you want to study your chosen subject, and therefore is also really useful preparation if you are asked to attend an interview at your chosen university(s) and have to explain to the admission tutor why you want to study with them.
The session will include:

  • Being clear as to which subject you want to study and why.
  • Explaining the differences between single and joint honours degrees (and other variations), including inter faculty degrees
  • Looking for the evidence to demonstrate your commitment to your subject choice
  • Structuring the personal statement
  • Getting the basics right – spelling, punctuation etc.

Maxine Blades is a lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and has helped run university Open Days, and an admissions tutor for the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Social Science.


As well as live talks, we will also be publishing pre-recorded content on our website throughout the week on topics such as CV writing, interviews skills and much more! Visit our STEM InSIGHT section for more!