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Revealed: What Has STEM Ever Done For Me?

Revealed: What Has STEM Ever Done For Me?

 25 Oct 2018 | views: 386 |

Randstad has revealed: What Has STEM Ever Done For Me?

STEM, four little letters that stand for big subjects: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Careers within STEM account for 20% of the UK’s total workforce, employing close to 5.8 million people. Clearly - STEM matters.

Results from a poll conducted by Randstad show that not many people know what STEM stands for (1109 votes in total):

  • No (688 votes, 62%)
  • Yes (421 votes, 38%)

If you’re interested in the countless and diverse discoveries of STEM and the influence it has on today’s world and your career, then be sure to explore Randstad’s STEMisphere. Created with the assistance of machine learning and artificial intelligence, after combing through 94,440 pages of content, the STEMisphere selected a range of weird and wonderful STEM connections.  It’s a fascinating collection of information, bringing together past and present discoveries to highlight how sometimes an unlikely connection is the key to a breakthrough.

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