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This is Engineering - Sustainable Futures Innovation Challenge

This is Engineering - Sustainable Futures Innovation Challenge

 17 Mar 2022 | views: 804 | Competitions

The Royal Academy of Engineering is running a Sustainable Futures Innovation Challenge for students aged 9 -14 years.

To enter the challenge students must come up with creative solutions to tackle some of the biggest problems that are creating carbon emissions and impacting our environment. 

Choosing one of four themes: travel and transport, food systems, our homes and habits, and our lifestyles and what we consume, students need to think of an innovation in technology or society, or an innovative system or product that could help address a specific problem, they have identified within that bigger theme.

A prize of up to £2500 for STEM at the winners’ school will be awarded. There will also be the opportunity for entrants to attend regional and national events, where they can take part in STEM activities and share ideas with engineers.

All entrants must be part of a connecting STEM teacher school. This is easy and free to join. To find out more visit

For more information about the challenge and to enter visit