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National Careers Week 2021

 March 07 2021 | Online | Views: 1125

National Careers Week 2021 took place from Monday 1 to Saturday 6 March. Throughout the week The STEM Hub hosted a live talk each day. These talks were well attended with 515 signed up, as were the pre-recorded videos from the experienced STEM Ambassadors which have more than 1,116 views! We had the kind support of over 33 STEM Ambassadors who took part in this event and made it the success that it was – so we would like to thank them all for their work and involvement.

The week started off with the interactive workshop ‘My Skills. My Future’ hosted by Nicola from Holidays Extra and Munya from The Education People. There was a lot of response in the Q&A box as students answered Nicola and Munya’s ice breaker question on their moments of fame and throughout the talk on what skills were needed in the workplace and general involvement with the workshop. Students felt very involved as they were able to engage with the presenters throughout.

The second day of the live talks was hosted by David Bell – a highly accomplished, multi award-winning company director, entrepreneur, executive business advisor, technology expert & keynote speaker. Starting his entrepreneurial journey back in 1995 at the tender age of seventeen, David Co-founded APC Solutions – now recognised as a leading provider of wireless communications solutions. Twenty-years on it’s now a multimillion-pound company delivering projects in the UK, Europe, South Africa, North America and the Middle East. David offered a great insight into the skills and requirements necessary to succeed in becoming an entrepreneur and answered many questions from students.

Our third talk was hosted by Corporal Chris Coley from The Royal Engineers which has 19 different apprenticeship and careers paths to choose from. Chris spoke about the day-to-day life of a Royal Engineer and the career prospects available to the young people. Chris was joined by Officer Megan who spoke about her role. Questions were sent in throughout the talk which were answered by Chris’ team mate which definitely helped as the attendees has lots of curiosities to be answered!

Our fourth talk was hosted by Joe, who talked about how to stand out and get the career that you desire! Joe offered some great advice including how to upskill yourself by learning a new language, and how to stand out by volunteering. The Q&A box was full of questions and Joe was able to answer them and provide inspiration and encouragement to the young people at an uncertain times in their lives.

The final day of our live talks was hosted by Maxine from Canterbury Christ Church University and Emma from The University of Kent. They were able to share their knowledge and explain to the attendees the importance of being clear as to which subject they want to study and why. Explaining the differences between single and joint honours degrees (and other variations), including inter faculty degrees. Looking for the evidence to demonstrate their commitment to their subject choice, structuring the personal statement and getting the basics right – spelling, punctuation etc. Maxine and Emma were able to answer lots of questions from students at the end!

Feedback included:

  • “I enjoyed it and it helped a lot”
  • “Great experience”
  • Very informative”
  • “I liked the icebreaker that allowed everyone to feel like they were being invited to be more part of the event. The presenters were also seamless in the reading of comments and kept everyone involved”
  • “The presentation was engaging. It was good to see how the presenter linked his success back to his younger self”
  • Thank you so much for your amazing presentation”
  • “Thank you to both of the speakers today and showing the admissions process and how it’s different for STEM subjects, really learnt a lot. I also liked how truthful and encouraging both of them were in terms of selecting your firm choice”
  • “It was very helpful and a good insight into picking universities as well and helpful pointers for writing a personal statement”

All of the live and pre-recorded talks can be found on our website:

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