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Virtual STEM Reboot Festival 2020

 October 02 2020 | Online | Views: 932

The Virtual STEM Fest Reboot 2020 took place from Monday 28th September. Students were given the opportunity to take part in a variety of virtual activities and workshops throughout the week.

On the Tuesday of STEMfest Reboot, we hosted a Science Show recorded specifically for the Virtual STEM Fest by Greg Foot. Greg took students on a scientific adventure, diving down into the deep, dark ocean. Starting on the deck of the ‘Baseline Explorer’, then going out into the waves, students watched as the video reached the side of an underwater volcano: 250m under the surface in the Twilight Zone, just off the coast of Bermuda!

The event also hosted a virtual careers fair, where students learned about some of the influential companies in the South East of England and heard about the important and exciting jobs that STEM professionals undertake. Students were able to look for ‘Did you Know?’, facts and watch films about different careers, as well try out our new ‘What’s my Job?’ careers game!

‘What’s my Job’ was available to students, where they could guess a STEM Ambassadors role from 3 items that the professionals use daily. STEM Ambassadors also provided some hints about what they do every day in their role. Students were awarded with a certificate and winning entries were selected to win vouchers!

There was a range of 18 STEM workshops for students to virtually take part in, most needing very little equipment. They were divided into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and included local companies and STEM Ambassadors.

Evaluation demonstrated that students enjoyed the event, with 100% of respondents reporting that they would visit another online event. The ability to visit the event more than once was used by 30% of the attendees and many visitors enjoyed more than one session. The greatest success was that 100% of young people said they had learned something new; this is an exciting outcome as it is higher than the feedback for our last four face-to-face events. The STEM Hub will now undertake some detailed evaluation at the next virtual event - the Virtual Crawley STEMfest - to identify opportunities to support all young people.

We would like to thank everybody who took part in this event to make it possible and to all the schools who participated. We hope it was an enjoyable, educational experience and look forward to you attending the next event, starting November 12th, 2020!

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