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Create an Engineering Buzz 2019

 June 18 2019 | Kent & Medway | Views: 598

“I enjoyed learning about the endless possibilities engineering has. I’ve learnt that engineering is all around us which is very interesting and impressing. After today I have learnt that I could be an engineering and that it is a very innovative job” – Student from Rainham Mark Grammar School

We are proud to have taken part in celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2019 by hosting presenters from some of the best-known names in industry at the second ‘Create an Engineering Buzz’ event. Over 190 students from thirteen secondary schools from the Kent and Medway region attended the event at the Canterbury campus of Canterbury Christ Church University on Tuesday 18th June 2019. The event was run by STEM Ambassadors and volunteers from local engineering firms, who gave up their time to raise awareness and aspirations about the world of engineering. The day comprised of two talks by female engineers and eleven workshops.

The talks where attended by the school groups across the day and comprised of:

Leonardo da Vinci Artist and Engineer Talk, University of Greenwich, Faculty of Engineering and Science
This talk covered a brief history of Leonardo da Vinci and how he perceived himself before considering some of his famous inventions, and then students were asked to consider the challenges the next generation of engineers and inventors will face, and the skills and approaches that will be needed to address these challenges.- “Gives you a better outlook on learning about engineering as a whole” - – Folkestone School for Girls, year 8

Apprenticeships, Bridges and Construction: life as a Military Engineer Talk
This talk enlightened students about one female Captain’s journey and variety of roles and opportunities in the Army & Engineering- “Interesting, it was nice learning about the part of the army that isn’t talked about too much” - Northfleet Technology College, year 8

The school groups then attended a number of different workshops:

Da Vinci Bridge, Royal Engineers-British Armed Forces
Students had to successfully construct the DaVinci Bridge with minimal assistance after being briefed and shown replica. The bridge is to be best self-supporting and able to withstand a load test. - “It was very fun and it was also challenging” - Dover Christ Church Academy – Year 8

Baker and Cantilever – Building Bridges between Engineering and the Public with the Rochester Bridge Trust
In this workshop students recreated the famous Cantilever model of the forth bridge from 1887.  -It was very interactive and fun, we got to make a bridge and be the different parts” – Northfleet Technology College, Year 8

Elementary Programming with Mindstorm Kits and AERobots, the School of Computing, Digital Forensics and Cyber Security
Students took on small tasks as an introduction into elementary programming exercises, followed by an exercise with an AERobot! - It was very interactive, we got to make things!” - Rainham Mark Grammar School, Year 8

Bridge Design and Construction with Royal Engineers Museum: Library and Archive
During this engineering challenge students were split into teams to compete again one another in building a simple bridge to withstand as much weight as it can before collapsing into the river bed! - “I loved it so much, we learned how to strengthen a bridge” – The Canterbury Academy, Year 8

Electronic Circuits, Kent & Canterbury Hospital Medical Physics Department
This workshop introduced electrical circuits with an emphasis on the concept electricity needs to flow around a complete circuit to do useful work. Then students got to build a ‘Harry Potter magic wand’, utilizing the information they had just learnt! - “It was inspiring” - Hartsdown Academy, Year 9

Fun with Robots, Canterbury Christ Church University, The Edge Hub
This presentation looked at the structure and working principal of LEGO robots, training on basic programming skill to control speed, direction and the path of the robots, the underpinned engineering principals and there was a playful competition at the end! - “It was really funny as we had to programme robots and they kept on going – Ursuline College” – Year 7

Engineering for Light and Motion, The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Students got to make their own torch and think about how chemical energy converts into light energy and kinetic energy.  - “To learn to make a circuit we used creativity” – High Weald Academy, Year 7

What is Engineering? Cummins Inc.
This presentation explained what engineering is and the importance it has in life. Students then got to take part in a challenge using Knex. - “It was really fun to understand that it is not just building car engines” –The Canterbury Academy, Year 8

Demonstration of Control of Humanoid Robot using Brain Computer Interface with School of Computing Digital Forensics and Cyber Security
The students got the opportunity to wear a Brain Computer Interface and control the functioning of a humanoid robot. - “It was funny, cool and interesting to find out about the robot” - Herne Bay High School, Year 7

Pulling Together with Canterbury Christ Church University, The Edge Hub
Students got to conceive, design, implement and operate a model life for a remote community! - “I enjoyed making the pulley system even though it wasn’t successful” - Dover Christ Church Academy – Year 8

As you have read the event generated a great deal of positive feedback from students and we would like to thank everyone involved in making the event such a success!


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