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STEM at Work 2017

 December 07 2017 | Kent & Medway | Views: 762

“Fun and Educational” - Student from The Harvey Grammar School

Eight Secondary schools from the Kent and Medway Region attended the annual full day event at the Canterbury campus of Canterbury Christ Church University. Each group participated in five different interactive presentations/workshops out of a total twelve available, run by some of our valued STEM Ambassadors.

All groups enjoyed either an hour long Science Show ‘Elements at Work’ by John Coad or an Exciting talk with Dr Robert Barker. ‘Elements at Work’ studied elements, some pupils were aware of – lead, iron, copper and aluminum but also some rarer ones such as vanadium and neodymium. The non-metals such as hydrogen and oxygen made lots of fizzes, pops and bangs! “I loved seeing the experiments”. Dr Robert Barker of the University of Kent demonstrated how exciting science can be with real life examples – “engaging, informative and interesting”

The specialisms and interactive workshops the other STEM Ambassadors shared with the students ranged from:

  • Creating chemiluminescent glow sticks with the ‘University of Greenwich’
    “Fun because we did practical work and we also learnt how chemiluminescent reactions work” (Student from The Homewood School).
  • Investigating the chemistry of medicines with ‘Vulpine Science and Learning’
    This was great, really interesting!” (Student from Dover Grammar School for Girls).
  • Introducing the NAO robot with the ‘University of Kent’
    “One of the best today” (
    Student from Rainham Mark Grammar School)
  • An introduction to origami with the ‘Cabinet of Curiosity Studio’
    “Very interesting and nice and fun!”(Student from The Maplesden Noakes)
  • Understanding what an agile development team does with Time and Emotion
    “Great facts”! (Student from New Line Learning)
  • Taking part in the ‘Chemical Challenge’ with Pfizer
    “Fun and interesting” (Student from Cranbrook School)
  • Making toothpaste with a STEM Ambassador
    “This was my favourite activity and it was hands on and fun” (Student from Invicta Grammar School).
  • Designing and running an experiment with the University of Kent
    “A very good workshop, it was good it was a mystery, I learnt a valuable lesson, it was very engaging” (Student from The Homewood School)
  • Bridge design and construction with The Royal Engineers Museum, Library & Archive
    “Educational and enjoyable” (Student from The Maplesden Noakes School)
  • Finding out about Civil Engineering with Ringway Jacobs
    “I liked making the buildings” (Student from New Line Learning)
  • Demonstrating basic life support with Simbulance
    “It was very good because it taught us life skills” (Student from Rainham Mark Grammar School)
  • The Cyberparadigm with a STEM ambassador
    “Very informational” (Student from Dover Grammar School for Girls)


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