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Winter STEM: Power of Magnets

On This Day

Scottish inventor ​John Logie Baird demonstrated the first television system in London on this day in 1926.


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Winter STEM: Power of Magnets

Visit Hut 1 to take part in the Power of Magnets workshop.

Follow the explanation of how magnets work…it’s all about hooks and loops!

Experiment 1:

  • Magnets can hold their energy for a long time and only lose less than 5% of their power every 100 years!
  • How much strength do they have to start with?
  • Follow along to find out!

Experiment 2:

  • What is the nemesis of magnets? HEAT!
  • Follow along to see what happens when heat is applied to magnets…how does it affect its strength?
  • Watch to find out why this happens.

Experiment 3:

  • Learn about magnetic and non-magnetic materials and their surprising effect on magnets!

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