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Clothes Hanger Quadrat

Clothes Hanger Quadrat

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You Will Need:

A metal clothes hanger

Health and Safety: Ask an adult to help you bend the clothes hanger into a square shape and twist off the hook– this will be the area that you will concentrate on when looking for living things. When twisting off the hook, you may need to cover the bare wires with tape. Be careful when throwing!

What to Do:

Throw it! Choose an area where you think there will be lots of living things; this could be in your garden or out on a walk.

Examine: look closely at the area inside where your quadrat has landed. What can you see?

List: write a list of any plants you can see within your quadrat. Look closely…can you find any minibeasts?

Once you have completed your examination, you could draw a picture and label your observations.

Send us your observations or diagrams to and an expert STEM Ambassador can tell you more about your area!

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