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Crafty Rafts

Crafty Rafts

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  • Design and make a model raft using just a piece of paper. You can use sheets of squared or A4 paper to make your models. You can make the paper into a raft by bending up the sides and folding the corners.
  • Fasten the corners. Don’t cut your paper. What different shapes and sizes can you make by folding your pieces of paper in different ways?
  • Put your raft to the test! See which shape holds the most objects without sinking. What’s the best way to add the objects? Which raft do you think will win and why?
  • Conduct a fair test to see which raft design can hold the most weight.
  • Record and present your results.

Would it matter if you use different types of paper?

Could you make the raft without fasteners?
What other materials can you use to make a raft?

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