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Create a dinosaur compass hunt

Create a dinosaur compass hunt

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  • Make the compass according to the video instructions.
  • In the video, we learn about Magnetic North and South in our World. Check out a world map to find out more about where these places are, their climates and how people use this information about North and South to travel.
  • Now – let’s have some fun with your new compass! Place the bowl with your compass in the middle of the garden. Now you can see where each direction is in your own house or garden!
  • The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Can you figure out where that is in your house or garden?
  • Now that you know the directions around you – make a scavenger hunt! You or somebody with you could hide either dinosaur toys or drawings of different dinosaurs and set you on a hunt! Use directions such as, ‘take 4 steps north’, ‘turn to the west’ to direct the hunter to their dinosaurs!
  • Turn your surroundings into dinosaur habitat! Using your compass, you can now draw a map of your house or garden. Can you add prehistoric plants, trees and creatures?

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