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Dinosaurs versus Humans

Dinosaurs versus Humans

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Palaeontologists use fossils of dinosaur bones and piece them together over time to create a full dinosaur skeleton! We have skeletons that we can see as models and in pictures.

  • Both humans and dinosaurs share parts of their skeletons, including their backbone. It’s crazy to think we have things in common with dinosaurs!
  • Use an image search to find a human skeleton – how many bones can you label? Identify the skull, spine, knee, leg, ribs…
  • Now, choose a dinosaur and find a picture of its skeleton – can you label the same bones on its body?
  • Think about the function (job) of each bone in our bodies – does the dinosaur bone have the same function?
  • Create a diagram of a human and dinosaur skeleton that shows and compares the different bones.
  • Draw a Venn Diagram, using overlapping circles. Put bones we have in common in the middle!

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