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Does adding fruit affect the jelly setting?

Does adding fruit affect the jelly setting?

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What to Do:

  1. Follow along with the PowerPoint presentation to set up your investigation using the equipment outlined.
  2. Download the worksheets using the link below to fulfil the learning to go alongside the activity.
  3. Think like a Scientist – how are we going to ask the investigation question given to us?
  4. Design the experiment you are going to conduct, you could follow along with the one in the video, or follow a different investigation route.
  5. Record your observations and answer the questions attached.
  6. Come to a conclusion – were you able to answer the original investigation question? Do you need to do further research? Or is there another investigation that you would like to find out as a result of this one?

We would love to see your investigations, worksheets and any activities that you do as a result of this activity. Send us your work to or tag us on Twitter @STEMHUB_SE

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