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Ecosystem Investigating

Ecosystem Investigating

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  1. Head out for a walk! Bring a pen and paper with you, or use a phone/iPad to make notes and maybe take photos.
  2. Make a list of every living thing you see on your walk – include both plants and animals.
  3. Once you are home from your walk, take a look at your list. Draw a picture of each living thing you found.
  4. What are the connections? Draw arrows that show relationships between the different living things. Does one eat another? Does one need the other to survive? Draw as many arrows as you can. Remember the arrow is NOT who eats who but how the energy in the system travels.
  5. You have created a picture of an ecosystem. If you also think about the connections you have made, you may have created a food web!

Share your picture by emailing it to and an expert STEM Ambassador will tell you something interesting about your local ecosystem!

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