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Felt Tip Flower Dye

Felt Tip Flower Dye

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You will Need:

  • A felt tip pen (darker colours appear more effectively)
  • A jug/glass of water
  • A flower (lighter colours/white works best. Tulips work well, but if you don’t have flowers try to find cow parsley on your next walk!)

What to Do:

  1. Break the outside of your felt tip pen to reveal the ink inside. Be careful, ask an adult to help with this as the plastic may be sharp and shatter when broken.
  2. Place the inside of the felt tip into a glass of water. Let it sit and squeeze it slightly. You should see the ink coming out and the water changing colour. You are going to use this as your dye to change the flower’s colour.
  3. Put the stem of your chosen flower into the dyed water and await some beautiful results!


  • How did the flower change colour, when the flower wasn’t in the dye?
  • What process allows water to be transported the leaves and flowers of a plant?
  • What parts of the plant are involved in getting water for a plant?
  • Plants need both water and food to survive, but where do they get their food from? Explain the process.

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