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Germination of Seeds

Germination of Seeds

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Spring and Summer are great times to get out in the garden. The plants are waking up after the winter, there is plenty of new, green growth and insects are starting to buzz around the emerging flowers and blossom.

  1. Have a go at planting seeds or some small seedlings in your garden or in pots.
  2. Set up clean, dry egg shells with a small ball of cotton wool in the bottom of each.
  3. Count out 10 cress seeds into each shell and place them on the cotton wool (a piece of folded tissue would also work!)
  4. To find out what conditions speed up/slow down germination try putting one in the dark, one in the sunlight, one with water and one without.
  5. You could experiment with giving different amounts of water, depending on how many shells you can set up! If you are giving them water you need to do it every day.
  6. Check on them each day to see which ones have grown!
  7. What do seeds need to germinate?

Grow your own cress heads!

Cress grows quickly and is easy to grow If you save egg shells when you’ve eaten your eggs wash and dry them, they can be used to make these fun cress heads! Have fun drawing faces on the shells, so the cress looks like their hair!

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