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Investigating Wind Power

Investigating Wind Power

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  • We find out at the beginning of the video that Busta and Pong have been using far too much energy. Can you spot some of the items in the video that use energy?
  • We use five main energy sources to get our electricity – list them.
  • Wind power is a type of renewable energy. What does that mean?
  • How much electricity is made from wind power?
  • How many wind farms do we have in the UK? What percentage of our energy comes from wind?
  • Describe the job of wind farms and where they are located. Where are the best locations for wind farms?
  • Wind turbines are huge! Why is this?
  • Describe the process of turning wind power into electricity. Use the video to help you! Can you draw a labelled diagram that explains this?
  • How much wind is needed for wind farms to work? What happens to wind turbines and wind farms when there is little wind?
  • In what ways are wind farms ‘clean’? How does electricity travel from offshore wind farms to the land?
  • Look at the Mission Report – what are the advantages and disadvantages to wind power?
  • How can we waste less energy?

Watch Busta and Pong on their Wind Power Investigation

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