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Make a pitfall trap

Make a pitfall trap

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You will Need:

  • an empty clean yogurt pot
  • an old spoon or a trowel
  • an empty clean margarine or ice cream tub

What to do:

  1. Find somewhere out of the way and dig a small hole with your spoon or trowel.
  2. Put the cup into the hole and make sure the sides are filled in.
  3. Leave for a few hours.
  4. Return and empty the contents of the pot into your tub.
  5. Identify the animals that have fallen into the trap - draw them!
  6. Place the animals back somewhere safe after you have counted and identified them.
  7. Take home all your equipment (pots and tubs, spoon and paper)
  8. DO Not leave the pot unattended for a long time as the small animals could die.

We would love to see what you find. Send a photo to to hear from an expert STEM Ambassador about what your creatures are, or tag us on Twitter @STEMHUB_SE

Health and Safety: select a safe place and wash hands after the activity

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