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Mister Sandy and Mister Squawk explore the Earth Story

Mister Sandy and Mister Squawk explore the Earth Story

  Primary | Dinosaurs | Views: 1280

  • Why would 4,500mya have been a terrible time to be living on planet Earth?

  • 4,000mya we have evidence of green stones – what does the colour green tell you about the stones and how they were formed?
  • 3,500mya we have evidence for the first signs of life – with farting rocks! How were these rocks helpful? What did they give us?
  • Over millions of years the atmosphere changed – what made it safe for life?
  • 375mya – the Tiktaallic fish appeared with four legs, five fingers, neck, lungs. Compare it with a human. What does that tell us about our history?
  • Sandy names some carnivorous dinosaurs – can you name some more? Which herbivores did he name?
  • 66mya another extinction event – an asteroid hit the earth. Dinosaurs disappear, but not all! Which remained?
  • 6mya a creature evolved that was our close ancestor. Draw a timeline showing our ancestors and how they have changed over time.
  • Sandy challenges you to look for rocks! If you find an interesting rock, take a picture and send it to and a STEM Ambassador can tell you more about it!

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