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Mister Sandy and Mister Squawk on Hydrogeology

Mister Sandy and Mister Squawk on Hydrogeology

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  1. Water is very important - list as many uses as you can for water.
  2. Water comes from outer space! Can you explain comets? What are they made from? How did they bring us water?
  3. Earth is called the Blue Planet – why?
  4. Most of the Earths’ water is oceans and seas, how much exactly? Why can’t we drink this? How much can we drink as freshwater?
  5. Where is a lot of the freshwater in the world? Why is this a problem?
  6. How much of freshwater is on the surface? Where do we find it? Who uses it?
  7. Where is the rest of our freshwater for drinking? Why does it make it important for us to understand rocks? Groundwater is very important! This is where most of the water we drink comes from.
  8. Can you explain these words from the Water Cycle? - Precipitation - Runoff - Evaporation - Perculation - Transpiration
  9. Can you name the solid , liquidity and gas forms of water? What is the difference between smoke and steam?We can see evaporation when we boil the kettle and see steam. What is steam?
  10. Why are trees important to the water cycle?
  11. Mister Sandy’s job is a Hydrogeologist – what does he do? How does he help people?


  • Mister Sandy draws the Water Cycle in his video, can you draw your own along with him?
  • Do some research of your own! Find out about countries where water is difficult to find. What can we do to save water? Make a leaflet that tells others about how important water is and what we can do to preserve water.

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