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Mister Sandy And Mr Squawk, Geog. Rocks Episode 2

Mister Sandy And Mr Squawk, Geog. Rocks Episode 2

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We learn about three rock types. Can you answer these questions using Mister Sandy’s video?


  • Where are these rocks usually found?
  • How long do they take to form? What do they make from sandstone? Some
  • sedimentary rocks are made from animals, how does this happen? Where in the
  • world can we find examples of sedimentary rocks?


  • Meta means change and morphic means form, what does that tell us about how the rock is made? 
  • Metamorphic rocks can be transparent – what does that mean?


  • How are these rocks made? 
  • What colours did Sandy show us?
  • These rocks can form crystals – how does this happen?
  • Where does lava come from?
  • What is it called before it is called lava?

Now that you know about the three rock types, answer these questions:

  • Which rocks have glittering parts? What are these made of?
  • Which type of rock can make the thinnest rock in the world?
  • When sedimentary layers of rock get squashed, they become which rock?
  • Which kind of rocks are best for finding fossils?
  • Which rocks can be broken most easily?

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