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Moving House

Moving House

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You will need:


Materials such as wooden skewers, string, wool, pasta, etc.

What to Do:

Make jelly following packet instructions, but use a quarter less water than usual. Pour the jelly into cups, filling halfway. If you have disposable cups, this might make it easier when it comes to getting the jelly out.

Make another batch the same way, but before pouring it into cups, arrange the materials in a way that you think will reinforce the structure. How can you help it stay standing?

Refrigerate the jelly to set. When removing the jelly, dip the cup in warm water if you need help getting it out!


Test your jelly buildings by placing them in a tray or flat surface and SHAKE! Have your reinforcements helped?

Test it for weight bearing. Add another tray to the top of the jelly structures and add weight. Have reinforcements helped this time?

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