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Newspaper Tower Challenge

Newspaper Tower Challenge

  Secondary | Structures | Views: 1899

You will Need:

  • 6 sheets of newspaper
  • 1 metre of Sellotape

What to Do:

  • Using the limited resources, make the tallest possible tower you can.
  • Work like a construction company and make a project bid. How much would each sheet of newspaper cost? How about the tape? How much will labour cost?

For example: Your bid could be: ‘I’ll build a 2m tower for £1 in less than 5 minutes’ Cost your project as follows: 10 sheets of paper at say 8p each and 2m of Sellotape at 10p a metre

  • Challenge: Can you limit the time in which you have to build your tower?

Share an image or video of your hands building within the time limit! Tag us on Twitter @STEMHUB_SE or send to for support or feedback from an expert STEM Ambassador.

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