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Nutrition and the Circulatory System

Nutrition and the Circulatory System

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Activity 1: When you’re running around does your heart ever beat faster?

  • Follow the investigation and find out!
  • Gather information from the flow diagram to create your own graph of the circulatory system and its processs.

Activity 2: So, what can we eat to keep our heart and circulatory system healthy?

  • Refer to the provided diagram and the information in the flow chart to label the heart and blood vessels.
  • Using the information about nutrition and the foods that aid heart health, research further information, and perhaps consider researching a STEM career as a nutritionist.

Activity 3: Work as a nutritionist

  • Acting as a nutritionist, use the information you have learned to create an attractive and informative poster about Heart Health.

Activity 4: Healthy Heart Recipe

  • Take some time to bake a recipe for a healthy loaf that is beneficial to the heart and circulatory system. Share and enjoy!

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