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Plastic, not so fantastic…

Plastic, not so fantastic…

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Many people don’t realise that there are many different types of plastic…not all of which can be recycled. Research the main plastic types, and think about the things you use/recycle in your household…could you recycle more wisely?

Design Criteria: The charity Practical Action are looking to broaden awareness of the work they do so want you to design a product that could be sold online at Practical Presents. They would like the design to have a strong sustainability message so would like you to use plastic ‘waste’ that is easily available. The product should be cheap to make but safe to use and have a high-quality finish. Your prototype can be handmade but you will need to consider how it could be produced on a large scale. You will need to consider the target market and the charity branding.

Consider: What age group is your product aimed at? What design process will you use (consider recyclables, using strips of plastic, fusing plastic, etc.) There are design ideas available on Practical Action’s Plastics Challenge.

Strategy: Think about Product Packaging, Placement, Price and Promotion to get your product on the market to the right audience.

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