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Raspberry Pi Snowball Fight!

Raspberry Pi Snowball Fight!

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  1. Click on the link below to begin using Scratch online and create a snowball that will be launched into the air!
  2. Create the instructions, or algorithm, to allow a player to choose the power, angle and when to launch a snowball.
  3. Next, add animation that broadcasts the movement of the snowball once clicked by a player.
  4. Adjust the code and algorithms to make the snowball move in a more realistic way and test the results.
  5. Add a target character for the snowball to hit, as well as code that makes the character speak when it has been hit!
  6. If you like, add a challenge by placing an obstacle between the character and the snowball.
  7. Once you have completed the game, now is your chance to get creative! Use the Scratch software and practise your coding skills by adding backdrops, music, sound effects, animations and more!
  8. Challenge someone to complete your game.

Visit the website and use the software

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