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Reflection and your Place in the Environment

Reflection and your Place in the Environment

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You will Need:

  • A handheld mirror
  • A tree!

What to Do:

  1. Follow the instructions in Charlotte’s video to use a mirror to determine the height of a tree!
  2. How tall do you think the tree might be? Use the information you have gathered to draw a diagram of the distance you walked from the tree and the height of the tree itself.


  • Can you use the mirror to see straight up the trunk of the tree?
  • Can you look into the mirror so that your face is part of the reflection too?
  • Can you use your mirror to look into any nooks or crannies on the tree that are hard to see into? Are there any creatures living there?
  • Can you see all around you with the mirror so that you do not need to move your head at all? Can you think of any creatures that have this ability?
  • Can you experiment with the mirror to find things in the environment that are symmetrical in some way? Which things are not symmetrical?

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