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Space in the 1960s

Space in the 1960s

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  • Using the video – create a diagram, showing the differences between technology in the 60s versus now. Add some more of your own!
  • Did you know that satellites make our new technology possible? Why do you think this is?
  • Name the first satellite. Research how it was made and what its mission was.
  • The 1960s was the beginning of space exploration. As mentioned in the video, find out more about the first woman in space, her experience and the work she did. Perhaps you could write a diary entry about her experience, thoughts and feelings.
  • Also in the 1960s was the first people to land on the Moon. Research and find out more about the Apollo 11 mission. What did this mission prove and show?
  • Because of the amazing STEM work in the 1960s, today we still continue to learn about space, and go there! Check out the news and do some online searching to see what we are learning about space right now!
  • Katherine mentions some British astronauts and space travellers. Learn more about: Helen Sharman, Tim Peake and the Rosalind Franklin Rover.
  • Think about the questions that Katherine asks in the video, and create an activity to answer it! Draw a design, build something, write a letter, create a poster…anything you like! Here are the questions:

- Would you like to take a holiday at a space hotel with your family?
- Could you imagine a robot that can build things while floating in space?
- What would you think about living and working on Mars one day?

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