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The Ear is Here to Hear!

The Ear is Here to Hear!

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  • Name the three parts of the ear.
  • Can you draw and label the outside structure of the ear?
  • Find the scientific word for:

Outer Ear:

Middle Ear:

Inner Ear:

  • What is earwax? What is its job?
  • The eardrum is sensitive and made of thin skin. How does it work and collect sounds?
  • What happens when the eardrum vibrates?
  • What are the ossicles? What is their function?
  • The inner ear has the cochlea – what is this? What is its job?
  • The ear creates nerve signals and sends them to the brain. That is how we hear!
  • Create a diagram to show the journey of sound through your ear – use the song in the video to help you!

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