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The Paper Beam Bridge Challenge

The Paper Beam Bridge Challenge

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You will Need:

  • 6 sheets of paper (normal paper if you have it) or 2 sheets of a standard size newspaper
  • 1 metre of sticky tape
  • Scissors and a ruler
  • Stacks of books (as abutments)
  • Masses (to test the bridge)

The Challenge: You have 30 minutes to build the strongest bridge you can using only the paper and sticky tape. You must follow the rules (below). At the end, when you have tested the bridge, you can either try to make an even stronger bridge, or challenge a friend or family member to build a stronger bridge (obviously following social distancing guidance as appropriate).

The Rules:

1) The bridge must span a 40cm gap and support itself without anything else holding it.

2) The bridge must NOT be taped to the table.

3) The weights must sit on the bridge above the gap and not directly on the stack of books/abutments.

4) The bridge has failed when the bridge touches down on to the ‘river’.

For further details on this activity from the Rochester Bridge Trust, click here

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