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The Story of Energy

The Story of Energy

  Primary | Energy | Views: 340

Watch the video and think about the following:

  • The video describes how fossil fuels are formed. Create your own labelled diagram to explain this.
  • Name the four main types of fossil fuels.
  • What do we use fossil fuels to do?
  • What happens when fossil fuels are burned? How is this changed to electricity?
  • Burning fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide – why is this a negative thing? What is happening to our planet? What are the effects? How can we fix this problem?
  • In what ways can we help at home to reduce energy use and burning fossil fuels?
  • Renewable energy is an alternative – in what ways can we use the wind and sun?
  • Think about ways that you can create a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future for everyone!

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