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Waterproof Roof

Waterproof Roof

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  1. Build a house! Your house should have space inside, to check whether water has got through! If you have Lego, that would work well, or perhaps use lunch boxes.
  2. Choose some materials that you would like to test, perhaps sticks, toilet paper, cling film, tin foil…whatever you can find around the house.
  3. Build a roof for each material you would like to test, then make the rain pour! You could make the test more fair by using the same amount of water each time. You could also time how long the water should be on the roof before you check the results.
  4. Has it worked? Check inside your ‘house’ to see if any water has made it through.
  5. Rank your results – order your materials from the most to least effective roof.

Show us your houses and most effective roof material! Send photos to to hear from an engineer, or tag us on Twitter @STEMHUB_SE

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