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Associate Games Producer



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    • The Associate Producer helps a project run to time and budget, clearing the way for the game developers to do their work.
    • With so many different roles and tasks to complete in developing a game, there are a lot of ways it can go off the rails. As Associate Games Producer you support the lead Games Producer to create a realistic plan for delivering the game.
    • You’ll have a good grasp of the industry and all the disciplines that go into making a game. You draw on this and your organisational and people skills to solve problems and keep the project on track.

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    • Level 4/5 or Degree options: Game Design, Computer Science, Fine Art, Computer Animation
    • Start building a game portfolio.


    • A-Level or Level 3 options: BTEC Diploma/Extended Diploma in Art and Design, BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Digital Media Production, BTEC Diploma in Graphics, Business Studies, Computer Science, Art and Design
  • Entry Requirements »
    • GCSE or Level 2 options: Art and Design, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Physics, Business Studies, Creative Digital Media, Graphics and Illustration
  • Skills and Knowledge »
    • Organisation
    • Helpful to others
    • Management of projects
  • 10 reasons why »
    1. A key colleague in ensuring game development process stays on track
    2. Gain experience of the programming process and design
    3. Work in an area of interest and passion - gaming
    4. Contributor to projects with high-impact and popularity
    5. Opportunity to co-ordinate and work in a team
    6. Creative elements in everyday work
    7. Chance to work with talented people with common interests
    8. Seeing your work and final games enjoyed and played by fans
    9. Apply a variety of personal skills to a varied role
    10. Constant learning and development opportunities
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    • Games Assistant
    • Production Assistant
    • Production Coordinator
    • Development Coordinator
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I really enjoy managing a team; being the person that developers reach out to help find solutions.